Dave Call, Ph.d.

I regularly teach the following courses:  

  • Most semesters: Introduction to Physical Geography (101), Elementary Meteorology (230).
  • Every year or two: Geographical Statistics (250), Weather Analysis (330), Broadcast Meteorology (410), Satellite, Radar, and Forecasting (435/535), Mesoscale Meteorology (450/550).
  • Every summer: Storm Chasing (490).

Teaching and Research Activities

I am interested in furthering our understanding of the relationship between weather and society. To do this, I study how individuals and institutions cope with hazardous winter weather. My work has been published in a variety of meteorological and geographic journals including Weather and Forecasting; Weather, Climate, and Society; The Professional Geographer; Meteorological Applications; and the Journal of Meteorology.
 For more details, please see my CV.