My research examines on how society copes with extreme weather, especially winter storms. Earlier projects examined the impacts of snow and ice storms and how groups such as emergency managers and school superintendents dealt with such storms. In more recent years, I have shifted to examining the impacts of inclement weather and COVID-19 on traffic crashes.  My book, Superstorm 1950,  will be published by Purdue University Press in January 2023.

My C.V.


My classes are active, engaging, and rigorous.  I teach a variety of courses in physical geography and meteorology.  Below are the courses that I teach most often.

Physical Geography

GEOG 101 - most semesters

Elementary Meteorology

METC 230 - every year or two

Weather Analysis

METC 330 - most spring semesters

Broadcast Met.

METC 410 - every other fall

Thermodynamic Met.

METC 447 - every other year

Mesoscale Met.

METC 450 - every other year

Storm Chasing

METC 490 - every summer