Private Storm Chasing

 I lead occasional exclusive private tours with 2 to 4 participants.  Ride along with someone who's been chasing since before smart phones were around, back when chasers had to know the science behind the storms. Join a tour where you can actually talk to the experts and not have to fight with a dozen other people for access.  See storms in places other companies ignore, like Montana and the Rio Grande Valley.   Get a first class experience where you stay at nicer hotels, ride in a SUV instead of a 12-passenger van, and eat at hidden gems of the Plains that larger companies can't visit.

All private tours take place in June after my Ball State trip.  You rent the vehicle, and I provide a professional driver and make all the other arrangements. If interested, email me. Note that as a first-class experience, the cost is around $850/day/person (minimum 5 days).

Email me