My County Collection

As of July 2022, I have been to at least 65%, or 2,056 out of 3,143, county equivalents in the United States.  The map  nearby shows where I've been.  Counties in red I visited for the first time in 2022.  Other counties are grouped by decade; darker indicates a more recent decade.  I was born in the 1970s but I don't count anything prior to the 1980s.

I have visited all counties in Connecticut (last county visited in the 1980s), Delaware (1995), Rhode Island (2001), Pennsylvania (2004), New Hampshire (2006), New York (2007), Ohio (2012), Massachusetts (2017), Vermont (2017), and Indiana (2019).  I have visited zero counties in Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii.

For more about county collecting, visit the Extra Miler Club.

County Collection Map

Northeast and Midwest

I lived in several places in Pennsylvania and New York, and now I live in Indiana.  My grandparents retired to New Hampshire.  Unsurprisingly, all of my completed states are in this region.


Driving several times to New Orleans has helped me make good progress on this region.  But there is still a long way to go, especially in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Florida.


Storm chasing has helped me make great inroads with the Great Plains states, and I'm more than 90% done with South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.  Although there are relatively few counties in western states (compared to other regions), the distances are vast, and they are far from home.